Dr. Josep Maria Trigo-Rodríguez, PhD



Under the direction of Dr. Juan Fabregat (UV) and Dr. Jordi Llorca (UPC) I read on June, 2002 the first doctoral thesis on meteor spectroscopy and determination of meteoroid orbits made in Spain. Part of the research work was made in basis to meteor spectra analysed during several predoctoral stays at the Astronomical Institute of Ondrejov in the the Czech Republic. The full text of the thesis is available (in Spanish) in the link given below.

Trigo-Rodríguez J.M. (2002) “Spectroscopic analysis of cometary and asteroidal fragments during their entry to the terrestrial atmosphere”, Ph.D. thesis (in Spanish), 356 pages, Universitat de Valencia, Servei de Publicacions, Spain.

E-mail:Ph.D. Josep M. Trigo (IEEC-CSIC).