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Meteoroids 2007

an international conference at the

Cosmocaixa Museum

organized by the

Institut d'Estudis Espacials de Catalunya

Barcelona, Spain

June 11-15, 2007


General information and accomodation

The Conference will take place in the main conference room of the CosmoCaixa building. Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain) is a wonderful city on the Mediterranean coast. The weather in June should be nice, maybe a bit hot and with some occasional rain. In any case, please be aware that for the time of this meeting Barcelona sometimes is very hot and humid (about 30º C). The full city is quite crowded (because of the tourists, cultural events taking place on the street, etc.). Consequently, we suggest you book in advance your hotel. You can do this online by using this link that gives you the location of the selected hotel in Barcelona (look for the map that appears in "advanced search"). We recommend you to use public transportation, especially the many lines of the underground (or Metro) that will allow you to move easily through the city.

Some hotels nearby CosmoCaixa:

Please be aware that through ACTIVA CONGRESOS (Yolanda López (ACTIVA): 34+933238573) you can get very special hotel prices as participant of Meteoroids 2007. For more information visit the online application for booking your hotel

Hotel Catalonia Suite

Category: ****
Address: C/ Muntaner, 505 (Barcelona)
Distance to Cosmocaixa: 18 minutes*


Hotel Catalonia Mikado

Category: ***
Address: Pº Bonanova, 58
Distance to Cosmocaixa: 21 minutes*



Hotel Catalonia Castellnou

Category: ***
Address: C/ Castellnou, 61
Distance to Cosmocaixa: 27 minutes*


More information about Hoteles Catalonia:


* Times have been calculated through the web page of Barcelona public transportation. For more security, 5-10 minutes should be added.


In the city center we recommend several researcher residences:

More information about transportation:


Detailed information to reach different places (1Mb pdf).


Some additional useful hints


1) Getting from the Airport to St Jordi’s: (a) Take Train at Airport to Sants Estació. (b) There, take Bus number 32 (see map). 2) From St Jordi’s to CosmoCaixa (Conference site): take Metro (Tibidabo Line) at Pça Molina (see map) and follow directions, or either walk directly (I’ve done it in less than 30’).  3) From St Jordi’s to Pça Catalunya and Ramblas: take Metro (Sarrià Line) at Muntaner (see map).  4) From the Airport to the other Residences: (a) Take Train at Airport to Pça. Catalunya (or either to Sants Estació). (b) There, take some Metro. With at most one additional change of line you’ll reach any of the Residences.

Where to eat near CosmoCaixa and in the city center

A list of restaurants, cafeterias, bars, and hotels closest to CosmoCaixa is available here. Find in this map the location of a few of them. CosmoCaixa Museum is here marked as "Museu de la Ciencia"

Here you’ll find a non-exhaustive list of restaurants in the city center where you can have a nice meal for less than 15 euros. You may ask for the set menu called "menu del dia" which consists of a first course, a second course, bread, wine, and dessert or coffee (sometimes the “menu” is only served at midday).




Barcelona is not a dangerous city, but there are quite a lot of pickpocketers and muggers active, especially downtown (Les Rambles, Barri Gòtic, etc.), at tourist attractions and places like train or metro stations, or at the airport. Please just pay a bit of extra attention to where and how you're carrying your wallet, bag or backpack, and this will spare you the ordeal of having your documents or money stolen, or your camera or notebook. A significant percentage of scholars visiting universities in Barcelona have suffered from this plague. None of them got actually injured, however. Please keep an eye on those items while you're walking in the street or sitting in public places. Don't do things like leaving sensitive items on the floor or on a chair while drinking something at a bar or on a terrace. You don't need to get obsessed with that, just a bit careful!


In case of emergency, you can call the central alarm number 112, which is free from any phone. Other numbers are: Health Emergency: 061, Police: 091, City Police: 092, Fire Brigade: 080.


Also planning your vacation?

Just before or after the Conference is one of the best periods to plan a vacation in Spain: the weather is excellent, the beaches are beautiful and not so crowded as in July/August, the mountains are at their best, etc... Just three suggestions of nice places to see: the Costa Brava, the Balearic Islands, the Pyrenean Valleys in Lleida.


Conference e-mail address:

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